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Walcott believes Everton ‘will barely scrape by’ to remain in the Premier League


Apr 4, 2024

Former Everton winger Theo Walcott believes that his old club will be able to survive in the Premier League this season, despite the possibility of facing a points deduction for financial rule breaches. The Toffees have been struggling in recent matches, not winning any of their last 13 league games.

Walcott expressed his concerns about the team being distracted by the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the potential points deduction. He mentioned that the players cannot afford to be distracted and need to focus on their performances on the pitch. Despite the challenges they are facing, Walcott believes that Everton will manage to stay in the Premier League.

He pointed out that Everton has a lot of experience in the dressing room, with players who have been in relegation battles before. Walcott acknowledged that the situation is difficult, especially with the construction of a new stadium, but he remains optimistic about Everton’s chances of surviving. He believes that the team will have enough quality and experience to overcome any obstacles that come their way.

To hear more from Walcott, you can listen to the full podcast on BBC Sounds.

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