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Warning from Saudi Arabia: Israeli Ground Incursion into Rafah could have severe consequences


Feb 10, 2024

The Foreign Ministry of Saudi Arabia has issued a warning to Israel about potential military action in the city of Rafah. The ministry expressed concerns about the potential impact on the civilian population, as well as the development of the conflict in the Palestinian enclave and its regional expansion. Saudi Arabia has recommended an early meeting of the United Nations Security Council to address the situation.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that Rafah is the last safe haven for hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who have been forced to flee their homes due to Israeli aggression. The ministry strongly condemned the forced displacement of Palestinians and called for an immediate ceasefire. Saudi Arabia also emphasized the need for the United Nations Security Council to intervene to prevent a humanitarian disaster.

In addition to the warning to Israel, Saudi Arabia has also called for a meeting of the United Nations Security Council to prevent the potential humanitarian disaster. The ministry reiterated its rejection of the forced displacement of Palestinians and further condemned the violations of international and humanitarian laws.

Saudi Arabia is deeply concerned about the potential impact of a ground incursion by Israel’s military forces and is urging for international intervention. The ministry is advocating for an immediate ceasefire and the protection of the civilian population in Rafah.

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