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Watch live as Biden speaks on lowering health care prices, including inhalers


Apr 3, 2024

Earlier today, President Biden and Senator Bernie Sanders held a press conference at the White House to discuss the recent announcement by several pharmaceutical companies to cap the costs of inhalers. This move comes after Senator Sanders and other Democrats in the Senate called for a review of prices for these essential breathing treatment devices. The high cost of inhalers in the United States, with one priced at $645, was highlighted as being significantly more expensive than in other countries like the United Kingdom.

As a result of these efforts, out-of-pocket costs for inhalers in the U.S. will now be limited to $35 for many patients. This significant reduction in cost will make these crucial medical devices more accessible to those in need. President Biden and Senator Sanders, along with health professionals, addressed the media at 11 a.m. EDT to discuss the impact of these changes.

It is encouraging to see pharmaceutical companies take steps to make essential medications more affordable for Americans. The efforts of Senator Sanders and other lawmakers have played a crucial role in advocating for fair pricing for essential healthcare products. This announcement marks a significant victory for patients who rely on inhalers to manage their respiratory conditions. Through collaborative efforts, progress can be made in improving access to vital healthcare resources for all individuals.

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