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WCG Introduces Latest Application on the ClinSphere Technology Platform


Apr 4, 2024

WCG, a provider of clinical research solutions, has introduced Total Feasibility, a new application on the ClinSphere technology platform. This application is specifically designed to enhance the site feasibility process by improving collaboration, configurability, and speed. The goal of Total Feasibility is to facilitate the development of clinical study feasibility questionnaires quickly, match sites more accurately to studies, reduce redundancy, and prompt faster responses from potential sites.

The ClinSphere Total Feasibility software is intended to alleviate the challenges faced by sites and investigators during the feasibility assessment process. By streamlining data collection, automating workflows, and removing manual processes, Total Feasibility aims to provide faster results, encourage better collaboration, and unlock real-time insights from questionnaire data.

Cristin MacDonald, Ph.D., Vice President of Client Delivery at WCG, explains that by simplifying questionnaires, the burden on sites in answering repetitive questions is reduced. This promotes improved collaboration among sponsors, sites, and investigators, along with a more efficient process for sponsors to identify the most suitable sites for their studies.

Terri Moench, President of Clinical Research Solutions at WCG, adds that Total Feasibility provides data and insights that are not available in traditional offerings on the market. The application enables sponsors and CROs to gain actionable insights beyond therapeutic area and indication by drilling down into specific protocol attributes. This enhances study planning and site selection activities and positions WCG as a comprehensive solution for data-driven decision-making in the clinical research industry.

This announcement follows the recent launch of Statistical Consulting Solutions by WCG, which addresses resource constraints in the clinical research sector. These initiatives demonstrate WCG’s commitment to providing innovative solutions that improve efficiency and collaboration in clinical research processes.

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