WCU College of Business crowns victorious student in pitch contest

Avery Pittman, a first-year student at Western Carolina University studying entrepreneurship and interior design, recently won a pitch competition at the College of Business. Pittman’s winning idea was for a 3D virtual dorm room tour to help incoming freshmen better visualize and plan their dorm rooms.

Pittman himself had experienced frustration with trying to design his own dorm room before moving in. Using a 3D room design app, he entered the dorm room dimensions but found that it was not enough to perfectly plan his layout. This inspired him to create a tool that would allow students to see a preset dorm room with the option to add items like a TV or microwave and customize it to their liking before moving in.

Pittman discovered that many other students shared his frustration and that there was a need for his idea. He then participated in the pitch competition as part of an introductory entrepreneurship class suggested by his professor. With his mentor and professor’s help, Pittman was able to develop the skills needed to create a successful pitch.

At the competition, Pittman faced six other pitches and impressed the judges with his dorm room tour idea. Pittman also competed in another pitch competition at Mercer University. Both experiences were valuable learning opportunities for him.

Pittman hopes to take his idea to the next level and plans to continue working on bringing his proposition ideas to life. He encourages other students at WCU to take advantage of the resources offered by the business school and reach out to business professors for help, even if they are not majoring in business.

Overall, Pittman’s success highlights the value of creativity and problem-solving skills in entrepreneurship, as well as the importance of seeking resources and mentorship when pursuing new ideas.

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