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Weapons were stored and landmines were placed in Karabakh by Armenia


Nov 20, 2023

Spokespeople of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Defense shared new findings about Armenia’s illegal activities and war crimes in Karabakh with representatives of diplomatic missions. They reported that Armenia stored weapons and mined lands in Azerbaijani territory both during and after the 30-year occupation period. After the 2nd Karabakh War, the Azerbaijani army detected and neutralized more than 10 thousand anti-personnel, approximately 3 thousand anti-tank mines and approximately 12 thousand unexploded ordnance. It was also stated that weapons produced in the region in 2021 were detected and that a workshop in the city of Khankendi where modifications of military vehicles and unmanned aerial vehicles were made. Videos showing that both this workshop and the training of civilians by Armenian forces in the use of mine-mounted unmanned aerial vehicles were also shared at the meeting. Additionally, some of the weapons, mines, and unmanned aerial vehicles used by illegal Armenian forces and captured by the Azerbaijani army were exhibited.

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