‘Web5’ Social Network Achieves New Revenue Milestones with Bitcoin-based Business Model

Entrepreneur Justin Rezvani has found success in his unique approach to building his business. Rather than raising money, he sold his previous venture, The Amplify, after it exceeded $4 million in revenue in its first year. Now, he is doing the same with his latest project, Zion. Zion is a decentralized social network, co-built by Microsoft and Lightning Network, that is built on Rezvani’s identity protocol.

Rezvani’s business model for Zion involves charging users for additional Lightning features. This innovative approach is already generating revenue and is poised for further growth. In fact, Rezvani believes that he has broken through the Bitcoin startup business model with this idea.

Rezvani’s success comes after overcoming a brain injury that left a metal plate in his head. He attended the Business of Fashion event in Los Angeles, California in 2017, where he was able to gain additional insights into the industry.

To learn more about Rezvani’s approach to business and Zion, read the full interview at Forbes headquarters below. Follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn and check out his website for more information. If you have any safety tips, don’t hesitate to send them his way.

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