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Webinar: Developing a Business Value Aligned with Company Values


Apr 4, 2024

The importance of sustainability and human rights has been at the forefront of many business leaders’ priorities in recent years. IBM’s CEO survey revealed that sustainability was identified as the top CEO challenge, reflecting the growing recognition of these issues within the business community. Despite this awareness, many leaders struggle to demonstrate the business value of investments in these areas.

However, it is possible for values-driven investments to not only align with a company’s ethical values but also generate real business returns. In an upcoming webinar, Daniel Aronson, the author of The Value of Values, will show how acting on values that have a positive impact on the world can lead to operational improvements, enhanced customer and employee relationships, and ultimately, a stronger bottom line.

Daniel Aronson is the founder of Valutus, a consulting firm that specializes in creating value through sustainability and responsibility. He is also the author of The Value of Values: How Leaders Can Grow Their Businesses and Enhance Their Careers by Doing the Right Thing. Abbie Lundberg, the editor-in-chief at MIT Sloan Management Review, moderated the webinar session, providing insights and facilitating discussions on the role of values in driving business success.

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