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Welsh-British Couple’s Honeymoon Spent Enjoying the Rugby World Cup


Sep 17, 2023

Claire and Paddy, a rugby-loving couple, decided to spend their honeymoon in Nice, France, enjoying the Rugby World Cup atmosphere. Claire, a Welsh fan, was upset when Paddy secretly bought her a Portugal shirt to wear to the match against Wales. Despite this hiccup, they are enjoying their time in Nice, with plans to explore Monaco and make the most of their time at the beach. Claire accepts that they have different preferences but believes that they still make a great team.

Their relationship faced a minor setback when Paddy’s surprise gift turned out to be a Portugal shirt instead of a Wales one. However, they managed to resolve the issue and continue enjoying their honeymoon. They even participated in a pub quiz together, taking advantage of their time abroad. Paddy proposed to Claire during their vacation in the Maldives, and the Rugby World Cup trip served as their honeymoon.

Although their marriage is still new, both Claire and Paddy have conflicting loyalties in terms of rugby. Claire is confident that Wales will win, while Paddy initially had doubts about England’s chances. However, England’s impressive victory over Argentina turned Paddy’s gloomy outlook around. They both hope to avoid any strain on their relationship if Wales and England face each other in the quarter-finals.

Despite their differing views on rugby, Claire and Paddy are determined to make their marriage work. They believe that their shared love for the sport and their ability to navigate challenges will strengthen their bond.

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