What African American Voters Expect Democrats to Address: Gun Violence, White Supremacy, and the Economy

President Biden recently addressed the concerns of black voters who feel that their investment in the Democratic party has not been returned. During a meeting with members of the community, he attempted to persuade them that he hears their concerns and is working to benefit them. The President acknowledged the importance of black voters in his election, stating that their generation will not be ignored or silenced.

Additionally, Biden spoke at a commencement ceremony at Howard University, a historically black research university, using the phrase “thanks to you” multiple times. He reminded students that their voice and vote are important, stating that their support helped him fulfill his resolve to appoint the first black woman to the Supreme Court of the United States. He also highlighted the progress made in appointing more black women to the Federal Court of Appeals under his administration than under all other presidents combined in American history.

Finally, Biden urged the students to continue using their voices and emphasized the importance of their involvement in the fight against climate change. He assured them that their voices matter and encouraged them to stay engaged in political issues.

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