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What causes the perplexing complexity of the airline boarding process?


Sep 16, 2023

Boarding a flight has become a complex and confusing process, deliberately designed by airlines to encourage passengers to pay for priority boarding. Passengers gather in gate lines, creating a bottleneck, and there is often confusion about assigned zones. Some passengers cut lines or engage in other disruptive behaviors. Boarding the plane itself can also be a challenge, with narrow aisles and limited overhead space. Airlines have created this complexity and madness in order to maximize profits and charge for priority boarding. While airlines could improve the boarding process for everyone, they prefer to cater to those willing to pay extra. This has led to tension between airline marketing teams focused on revenue and operations teams focused on efficiency. Additionally, baggage fees and loyalty programs have contributed to the boarding nightmare, as passengers try to avoid paying for checked bags and carry more luggage on board. Airlines have capitalized on this by selling overhead storage space and offering priority boarding to those who participate in credit card or loyalty programs. Larger planes, crowded flights, and the introduction of different boarding segments and zones have also slowed down the process. Alternative boarding methods have been proposed, but airlines have been hesitant to adopt them due to concerns about seating arrangements and potential loss of revenue. Overall, it is unlikely that the boarding process will become easier unless passengers are willing to pay for it.

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