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What Lindsay Peterson of University of Nebraska Can Teach Us about Learning from Other Olympic Sports: Coaches Podcast


Mar 26, 2024

Lindsay Peterson, a former standout player for Nebraska Volleyball, has had an impressive career both on the court and on the sidelines. After helping the team win an NCAA title in 2000, she went on to coach at Northern Colorado and Virginia Tech, before eventually becoming the Director of Operations at the University of Nebraska. Throughout her career, Lindsay has witnessed the rise in popularity of women’s college volleyball and has played a crucial role in the sport’s growth.

In a recent podcast with Dave Mullins, Lindsay discussed the factors that have contributed to the increased interest in volleyball and other collegiate women’s sports. They talked about how volleyball coaches have worked to grow attendance at matches, as well as the world record set for women’s sports attendance last year. This conversation provided valuable insights into the changing landscape of women’s college sports and the innovative strategies being used to engage fans.

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