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WhatsApp to add Meta AI assistant to Android app’s search bar


Mar 25, 2024

WhatsApp is currently working on integrating a feature that allows users to ask questions directly to the AI-powered chatbot Meta AI from the search bar of the Android application. This enhancement aims to make it easier for users to access the chatbot and its results directly from the app.

Meta AI is a chatbot assistant introduced by Mark Zuckerberg’s company last year, based on the large language model Llama 2. It can access real-time information and interact with natural language across various services and devices like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram. Integrating Meta AI into WhatsApp functions will help users interact with the platform more efficiently and quickly access chats.

In recent months, WhatsApp has been working on adding the Meta AI assistant to its app to enhance user experience. Users who had access to the beta version of WhatsApp for Android could start a conversation with the chatbot by clicking on a shortcut button in the chats tab. The latest beta version of the app ( includes Meta AI in the search bar, eliminating the need to manually open a chatbot conversation to make inquiries.

Users will now be able to ask questions directly to Meta AI by typing them into the search bar, where the assistant will provide relevant information in the search results. WhatsApp will also suggest prompts to help users initiate their queries more easily, enabling them to access information or perform actions within the app seamlessly.

This integration of AI in WhatsApp improves the user experience by simplifying the use of the chatbot and enhancing navigation within the messaging app. Users can now leverage Meta AI more effectively and efficiently by interacting with it directly from the search bar.

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