“When Raimu played the impostor among the gentlemen of health”

Ces Messieurs de la Santé (These Healthy Gentlemen) was a direct screen translation of a popular theatrical production, which was a general trend in French cinema at the time. The film stars famous actors such as Raimu, who was still famous from his role in Marius (1931); Edwige Feuillere, who was in the early stages of her career; Pauline Carton, a supporting actress who was also just starting out; and Lucien Ballou, a great supporting actor.

The film was released in March 1934, just a few months after the Stavisky affair that left a lasting impression on the audience. The film’s plot revolves around a fraudulent banker who takes refuge in a lingerie shop and transforms it into a giant conglomerate, with a theme of the apotheosis of the morally questionable businessman.

Pierre Colombier, the director of the film, was an old caricaturist who started out as an illustrator and had a keen eye for detail. He made many comedies, including five with Raimu, but his career came to a halt after 1939. Colombier was one of the great craftsmen of the comics world of his time and a very meticulous director.

Ces Messieurs de la Santé (These Healthy Gentlemen) has many sequenced shots with the landscapes of his brother Jacques Colombier, which are very clever. The scenery in the beginning is limited, but little by little, the company grows, and the scenery becomes more spectacular as the film progresses. Overall, the film remains a hot topic and is known for its relevance to the times and the strong performances of its cast.

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