It could seem inconceivable to get snow in a couple of of America’s hottest cities, however it absolutely’s occurred sooner than. We seen snowfall.

Most of us assume that sunny seaside cities and desert worldwide places have not at all had snow in fashionable historic previous, nonetheless snow has been seen on tropical islands further not too way back than Antarctica. It is attainable you may be shocked to know

Dry Valley, Antarctica:

Most of Antarctica is roofed in ice and snow, nonetheless the Dry Valleys current a dangling distinction.

Drone video reveals how huge London is as icebergs divide Antarctica

NOAA satellite tv for pc television for computer image of snowless dry valleys in Antarctica.


Researchers focus on with the world as a polar desert, the place temperatures widespread near freezing all yr lengthy.

As a consequence of this reality, if there could also be precipitation, it might be like snow. However, in line with evaluation printed by Cambridge School Press, the 1.6-kilometer-tall Transantarctic Mountains defend her three valleys and create precipitation shadows.

Ninety ranges below the setting doesn’t preserve so much moisture, nonetheless NOAA says snow is rare, nonetheless not inconceivable below 0 ranges Fahrenheit.

Moisture from the ocean or the East Antarctic Ice Sheet has to journey previous the summit. The setting normally cools with altitude, and chilly air can preserve a lot much less moisture than warmth air. What little water vapor the setting holds is squeezed out to the very best of the mountain.

How the mountains monopolize the rain

Coastal areas of Antarctica have recorded spectacular snowfall.

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Glaciers fill various valleys contained in the fluctuate. The air dries out when the wind pushes it upwind of the mountain and condenses the moisture. When gravity takes over, the air mass sinks and accelerates on the leeward aspect.

The physics are the similar as the great and comfortable, sturdy winds of Santa Ana in California. Dry Valley winds can attain 200 mph.

This image was taken in the midst of the British Antarctic expedition from 1910 to 1913. It reveals rocks sandblasted by ‘bentfacts’ or heavy winds.

(Herbert Ponting/Royal Geographical Society/Getty Images)

What’s Santa Anna Winds?

Dry air permits snow and rain inside the air to evaporate quickly. Snow normally sublimes in intense drying.

Researchers at known as Dry Valley “the driest place on this planet.” The Farmer’s Almanac research that inside the space of the Dry Valleys he has not had rain in two million years.

Cairo, Egypt:

Native data reported that 2013 seen snow inside the subtropical desert metropolis. This was his first snow in a century, nonetheless the Farmer’s Almanac reported that the white stuff was snug hail, not snow.

Cairo has not formally reported any snowfall in newest historic previous.

(Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

New Delhi, India:

The capital has various rain inside the moist summer season season, nonetheless the winter is the dry season.

The India Events reported that when temperatures dipped below freezing in 2006, some residents woke as a lot as a blanket of snow. A school coach woke her 5-year-old daughter to see the phenomenon, which was really frost.


Shopping for and promoting Economics research that in 1965 doc low ranges reached below freezing in tropical island nations. Nonetheless in line with WorldAtlas and the Farmer’s Almanac, the nation, like its South Pacific neighbors, has not at all seen snow.

A resort seaside on Natadola Bay in Fiji.


US Virgin Islands:

The underside temperature ever recorded was 65 ranges Celsius inside the U.S. Virgin Islands, too warmth for snow to fall.

On the entire, tropical areas below 23.5 ranges of latitude hardly get snow. Although worldwide places like Indonesia present snowboarding on the very best elevations.

San Diego:

City does not have official snow research. Historic knowledge level out that in 1882 there have been various inches of snow throughout the metropolis of California.

Extreme South Florida:

No snow has been reported south of Miami inside the Sunshine State.

It snows in America’s ‘Heatland’: A zany time when it snowed inside the warmest place inside the nation

A yard celebrating tropical Key West, Florida.

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unlikely snow

Even snowbirds who fled to Miami from northern cities have seen snow. That was his ultimately in 1977. Meteorologists on the airport did not formally doc the snowfall on account of the snow had melted so quickly. However, he well-known, with an asterisk, that it had obtained widespread research of native snowfall.The Bahamas seen snow on the similar day/

Even Dying Valley, California, the preferred place on earth, has seen snow. In 1922, he recorded a snowfall of half an inch inside the house. In 1913, a local weather station thermometer recorded 135 ranges for him.

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