WHIO TV 7 and WHIO Radio report that workers affected by a shooting may experience prolonged mental health implications post-incident.

The DMAX manufacturing plant in Moraine was closed on Friday following the shooting that took place on Thursday night. Reports indicate that the shooting erupted from domestic issues between two male employees over a female worker. The incident, though targeted, had significant repercussions on the DMAX employees who were traumatized and scared. Hundreds of workers were inside the plant when the shooting happened, and some might not be able to return due to the trauma experienced.

Clinical Psychologist, Kathy Platnoy, PhD, recommended providing access to mental health services to help employees deal with the shooting aftermath. Platoni mentioned that it is common for individuals to go through shock, fear, sadness, disillusionment, anger, rage, grief, and trauma, among other emotions. In such instances, employees should be encouraged to reach out to trusted family, friends, and colleagues and avoid isolation. Platoni hinted that it may take some workers a while before they are comfortable about returning to work.

From Platoni’s perspective, it is essential to report any unusual behavior from employees such as lateness, absenteeism, and anger to the management to avoid workplace shootings. Platnoy says that threats should be taken seriously, and people should look for signs when individuals are not behaving normally.

News Center 7 will continue to monitor the developing situation at DMAX, as the factory remains closed until further notice.

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