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White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research: Carolyn M. Mazure, PhD, Leads Roundtable in Atlanta


Feb 11, 2024

Earlier this week, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden traveled to Atlanta to emphasize the importance of increased investment in women’s health research as part of the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research. In collaboration with Dr. Carolyn M. Mazure, Chair of the Initiative and Women’s Health Research at Yale Director, a roundtable discussion focused on public-private partnerships was facilitated during the visit.

During her opening remarks, Dr. Biden emphasized the goal of fundamentally changing how women’s health research is approached and funded. The aim is to prioritize women’s health and ensure that healthcare meets the needs of all women, rather than treating them as an afterthought. Themes discussed during the roundtable included the need for more investment in research to improve women’s lives and the necessity of new and expanded partnerships.

Atlanta, known for its strong track record of innovation and collaboration, was the perfect location for the discussion. Dr. Mazure expressed her appreciation for the insights and innovative research and collaboration efforts shared by the panelists. Participants included influential figures from various sectors, including healthcare, academia, and corporate organizations.

Dr. Mazure expressed optimism about the potential of new public-private partnerships to drive innovation and improve the health of all women. She commended the work being done in Atlanta and the valuable input provided by the panelists. The roundtable was a testament to the commitment to advancing women’s health research, and it is clear that there is a shared determination to prioritize and invest in this crucial area of healthcare.

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