White Truffes infused ice cream is the priciest in the world, costing more than $6,000 for a single scoop.

Scoop, dubbed the most expensive ice cream in the world, has been crowned by Guinness World Records. CNN reported that this title is awarded to Japanese ice cream, which has a price tag of 880,000 yen ($6,380). The ice cream brand, Cerato, calls this frozen treat gelato, and it has been made exclusively from Alba, Italy, using the star ingredient of white truffle, which sells for 2 million yen ($14,500) per kilogram. In addition to white truffles, the dessert contains two types of cheese, edible gold leaf, and sake lees, which are used in making sake. Cerato partnered with Churyo Yamada, the chef behind RiVi, a French-Japanese restaurant in Osaka, to develop the flavor.

Lucky tasters will also receive a handmade metal spoon as a gift to enjoy their dessert. Cerato recommends pouring the white truffle on the ice cream as it starts to soften and suggests thawing it at room temperature or microwaving it for 10 to 20 seconds if it is too frozen. If one wishes to enjoy dessert with a little alcohol, they can pair it with sake or French white wine.

Cerato also has a black truffle version of its ice cream, and plans to expand its flavors to include luxury ingredients such as champagne and caviar, combining European ingredients with traditional Japanese food in an effort to excite the taste buds of consumers with unique combinations.

White Truffle Ice Cream has set a world record and the interest in Cerato’s unique combinations continues to grow. The company’s focus on flavor and a commitment to traditional Japanese food combined with European ingredients is gaining popularity. Customers are eager to try the unique flavor combinations offered by the brand.

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