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Willie Hernández, the Tigers’ 1984 World Series closing pitcher, passes away at 69


Nov 21, 2023

Legendary Detroit Tigers pitcher Willie Hernández, who played a key role in helping the team win the 1984 World Series, has passed away at the age of 69. According to reports, Hernández had an outstanding 1984 season, where he won both the American League MVP and Cy Young Awards, leading to three consecutive All-Star appearances. As the Tigers’ closer, he recorded 32 saves and 112 strikeouts in 80 games, finishing 68 games with a career-best 1.92 earned-run average over 140.1 innings.

The Tigers expressed deep sadness at the news of Hernández’s passing and highlighted his contributions to the team’s World Series championship and his notable achievements during his time with the club. Hernández spent six seasons with the Tigers before retiring in 1989 after an impressive career that included stints with the Chicago Cubs and the Philadelphia Phillies.

Former teammate Alan Trammell remembered Hernández as a great teammate and expressed his sorrow at the news of his passing. Hernández’s role as the bullpen anchor for the Tigers’ 1984 World Series victory, where he received 78% of the MVP votes, cemented his place in the team’s history. Additionally, he is one of three relief pitchers in MLB history to win both the MVP and Cy Young in the same season.

The passing of Hernández is a significant loss for the Tigers and the baseball community, and he will be remembered for his exceptional contributions to the sport.

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