Wisconsin man faces charges for hacking thousands of sports betting accounts; scams are not a laughing matter.

In recent news, a Wisconsin man named Joseph Garrison has been indicted for six criminal charges. These charges stem from his alleged involvement in a scheme to hack user accounts of various fantasy sports and betting websites, and sell access to these accounts. Using a tactic known as a “credential stuffing attack,” Garrison and others were able to access over 60,000 accounts and steal approximately $600,000 from 1,600 accounts.

Law enforcement agencies became involved in this case after discovering stolen credentials from a gambling site being sold online. An undercover investigator purchased said credentials, which led to Garrison’s IP address being associated with the crime. A subsequent search of Garrison’s home uncovered programs and files proving his involvement in the scheme, as well as messages between Garrison and others involved in the crime.

These charges carry a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison per charge. It is important to highlight the severity of this case, as cybercriminals can cause significant damage and harm through their actions. It is crucial for individuals to take steps to protect themselves from such threats, such as using strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication. It is also necessary for companies to implement effective cybersecurity measures to protect their customers.

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