With the Goal of Enhancing Women’s Health via Personalized Gynecological Prosthetics, FemTherapeutics Secures $1.8 Million in Funding

One in four and one in two women over the age of 80 will suffer from a pelvic floor disorder (PFD) such as incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse (POP). These disabilities are severe and underserved, creating a significant gender gap in healthcare innovation. POP is a condition in which the pelvic organs descend into or through the vagina, resulting in symptoms such as vaginal discomfort, pelvic pressure, and urinary incontinence, significantly impacting a woman’s quality of life.

Vaginal delivery, advanced age, increased BMI, straining due to constipation, and previous hysterectomy are among the most consistent risk factors for POP. However, the dynamics behind POP are likely to be more diverse than any other health condition women experience; thus, it must not be treated as a ‘one-size-fits-all’ problem.

FemTherapeutics is a Montreal-based medical technology company that is developing the world’s first customizable gynecological prosthesis (vaginal pessary) that provides effective symptom relief for pelvic health conditions. FemTherapeutics has raised $1.85 million (CAD $2.5 million) in a recent funding round, which will enable the company to further develop its platform and devices, initiate pivotal clinical studies, expand its team, IP portfolio and R&D efforts.

Currently, treatment options for POP include pelvic surgery and vaginal pessaries; however, pessaries have changed very little in the last 50 years. FemTherapeutics’ approach is personalized, focusing on each patient’s unique anatomy based on their specific condition. Leveraging the latest advances in cloud computing and artificial intelligence, FemTherapeutics has developed a comprehensive data-driven platform for pelvic health, which allows each patient’s condition to be visualized in 3D software, enabling a pessary design that is modeled to the patient’s specific anatomy.

The technology has led to the development of custom fastening pessaries to prevent premature birth, custom dilators to treat vaginal strictures formed by post-cancer treatment, custom menstruation, and custom saline development. FemTherapeutics’ B2B2C model rivals the multi-billion dollar market for custom dentistry, orthodontics, audiology, and prosthetics.

FemTherapeutics recently completed a First-in-Woman feasibility study and is excited to work with scientists and clinicians to continue developing its technology. The company’s mission is to create a unique measurement tool that will enable physicians to better support their patients without the need for additional training.

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