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Witness the chaotic brawl on Pelješac: “A League of Ridiculousness!”


Nov 20, 2023

The Sunday match of the Second County League of Dubrovnik-Neretva between the Pelješan clubs Rata from Kuna and Grk from Potomje (2-1) was marked by a mass brawl at the end of the first half.

In the video published by HNK Grk on Facebook, an attack by the guests can be seen in which one of its players after the tackle, he falls in the opponent’s penalty area, and soon another player collides with the goalkeeper. This is where the chaos begins.

The home goalkeeper started to strangle the opponent who was lying down, and then he too started rolling. There was a general commotion, one spectator entered the field and hit a Greek player. The club claims that it was – the commissioner for the security of the domestic War?!

The red card was given to the local striker Dario Totić, and the second yellow card to the Greek player. This is how they commented on the visiting club’s Facebook page: “👏👏👏 1. A borderline penalty on our player 2. A clear red for the goalkeeper of the opposing team 3. A second yellow card for our player without any reason. Assistant referee Ante Kosor tells the referee, I quote: “Give him a second yellow because he’s going to do shit throughout the game.” And finally, the security commissioner punches our player for no reason. Lakrdi from the league, lakrdi from the match, lakrdi from the trial… The wolf changes hair, but never temper. WIN DO NOT GET HIGH, IN DEFEAT DO NOT HUMBLE! Tre, tre, tre se se…”

The home team replied: “Easy! Home victory 2:1. ⚽ Little joke, it wasn’t easy, but it was more than deserved. In For 90 minutes, we showed much more than our neighbors who, despite their lower position in the table, came convinced of their victory.

And then when the game went in a different direction than expected, the winner was to blame. We know, it’s easier said than done, but it’s not impossible. Be the bigger man than the sulking loser and sincerely congratulate the winner. Whether it was a game, an argument, a competition, a business (failure)…the end of the world did not happen.

There is a big chance that such a situation will happen again, so it is important to have sportsmanship and take the right step, and in this case it is congratulating the winner. It’s shaking three times, like in Râta it’s moving! ❤️”.

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