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World Health Day in 2024


Mar 26, 2024

Millions of people around the world are facing threats to their right to health. Diseases, disasters, conflicts, and air pollution are just some of the challenges causing death and disability. The burning of fossil fuels is contributing to the climate crisis and indoor and outdoor air pollution, which is taking away the right to clean air.

The WHO Council on the Economics of Health for All has reported that at least 140 countries recognize health as a human right in their constitutions. Despite this recognition, many countries are failing to pass and implement laws that ensure their populations have access to essential health services. As a result, over half of the world’s population, approximately 4.5 billion people, are not fully covered by essential health services.

To address these global health challenges, the theme for World Health Day 2024 is ‘My health, my right’. This theme aims to advocate for the right of everyone to access quality health services, education, information, safe drinking water, clean air, good nutrition, quality housing, decent working conditions, and freedom from discrimination. It is essential to prioritize and protect the right to health for all individuals, regardless of where they live.

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