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World Health Organization’s Monthly Operational Update on Health Emergencies: Issue 21 | March 2024


Apr 3, 2024

The monthly Operational Update on Health Emergencies by WHO provides a comprehensive overview of the organization’s work in preparedness and emergency response to health crises worldwide. With a focus on delivering strategic, evidence-based, and science-driven support in partnership with countries, WHO aims to combat health emergencies effectively while also building resilience for future threats.

The key figures on WHO’s work in emergencies are highlighted in this issue, showcasing the impact of their efforts in responding to health crises. The update also features a special focus on WHO’s Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPW 14) protect pillar, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and readiness in tackling health emergencies.

Response to health emergencies, preparedness and readiness, operations support and logistics, as well as learning and capacity development for health emergencies are all key areas covered in this monthly update. Each aspect plays a crucial role in WHO’s efforts to provide rapid and effective responses to health crises while also strengthening global health systems.

Key links and useful resources are provided at the end of the update, offering readers access to additional information and tools related to WHO’s work in health emergencies. By staying informed through these updates, individuals can gain insight into the organization’s ongoing efforts to improve global health security and resilience in the face of emergencies.

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