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World Leaders Make Mega Pledge on Economic Inclusion and Social Protection at 2023 Global Refugee Forum


Nov 20, 2023

The call to collective action addresses the current global forced displacement crisis that is exacerbated by limited access to durable solutions. In order to address this crisis, self-reliance is crucial as it lays the foundation for durable solutions and promotes resilience against future shocks. Economic inclusion and social protection play critical roles in enabling refugees, forcibly displaced, and stateless people to provide for themselves and their families, work, use their skills and expertise, and contribute to local economies.

The Mega Pledge on Economic Inclusion and Social Protection aims to gather concrete commitments from a wide range of stakeholders to advance the self-reliance of refugees, other forcibly displaced, stateless people, and host communities. The goal is to address specific and structural barriers and risks while strengthening resilience to shocks. Pledge commitments will support the implementation of inclusive legal and policy frameworks and advocate for economic inclusion and social protection. These commitments will be evidence-informed and supported by relevant programs, technical assistance, and financing mechanisms. This initiative is aimed at reducing the lifelong consequences of poverty and exclusion.

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