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World of Concrete features true rock stars


Feb 11, 2024

The World of Concrete (WOC) has been hosting its annual convention in Las Vegas for 50 years. This 700,000-square-foot event is a showcase for cutting-edge equipment, high-tech materials, and new methods for everything related to concrete. Kevin Thornton, an executive at the company that runs the event, has even dubbed it “ComicCon for concrete guys.”

One of the highlights of the WOC is the SpecMix Bricklayer 500, a masonry competition where the “world’s best mason” is crowned and celebrated with cash prizes and a new truck. This competition is held each year during the three-day convention and draws in participants from all over the world.

CBS News correspondent Conor Knighton takes us into this unique universe, giving us a closer look at the excitement and innovation that takes place at the WOC. From the latest advancements in concrete technology to the intense competition of the bricklayer contest, the WOC is where real “rock stars” of the concrete industry shine.

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