World team for U23 women (nearly) determined.

The recent World Team Trials Challenge Tournament has determined the remaining four Final X slots and clarified who will represent the United States at the U23 World Championships. While U23 national champions are not guaranteed a spot, the U23 World Team was determined by Final X participants in all but one weight division.

For each weight division, the oldest wrestler in the top three on the US Senior National Team will qualify for the U23 World Championship. If there are no age-restricted wrestlers in the top three, the U23 National Champion will qualify.

Below is a breakdown of the U23 World Team and U23 National Champions for each weight division:

– 50kg U23 World Team: Audrey Jimenez; U23 National Champion: Emily Silson
– 53kg U23 World Team: Katie Gomez; U23 National Champion: Felicity Taylor
– 55kg U23 World Team: Alisha Houk; U23 National Champion: Alisha Houk
– 57kg U23 World Team: Xochitl Mota Pettis; U23 National Champion: Montana Delauder
– 59kg: Mikaela Beck
– 62kg U23 World Team: Adaugo Nwachuk; U23 National Champion: Adaugo Nwachuk
– 65kg U23 World Team: Macy Kilty; U23 National Champion: Macy Kilty
– 68kg U23 World Team: Katerina Lange; U23 National Champion: Katerina Lange
– 72kg U23 World Team: Amit Errol or Joy Levendski; U23 National Champion: Keirin Albrecht
– 76kg U23 World Team: Kennedy Blaze; U23 National Champion: Ashley Rekas

It is important to note that some wrestlers, like Audrey Jimenez and Katie Gomez, reached Final X and made the U23 World Team because their Final X opponents were ineligible for U23. In other cases, such as Xochitl Mota Pettis and Kennedy Blaze, they made the U23 team because their Final X opponent did not qualify for U23.

As of May 22, 2023, the U23 World Team for the United States consists of wrestlers in each weight division as outlined above.

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