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World’s Largest Deployment of DAC Technology Receives Amazon’s Support


Sep 12, 2023

Amazon is taking steps to accelerate the development of direct air capture (DAC) technology by purchasing carbon removal credits from 1PointFive and investing in CarbonCapture Inc. This investment aligns with Amazon’s commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040 as part of its Climate Pledge. DAC technology involves removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere using various chemical processes. The captured CO2 can then be stored underground or used in other applications.

Amazon is supporting the deployment of DAC technology by committing to purchase 250,000 metric tons of carbon removal from STRATOS, 1PointFive’s first DAC plant. This amount is equivalent to the carbon stored naturally across over 290,000 acres of U.S. forests. The captured carbon will be stored deep underground in saline aquifers. Additionally, Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund is investing in CarbonCapture Inc., a company known for its modular DAC systems. These systems can be upgraded with next-generation sorbents to improve their efficiency over time.

To combat climate change and meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, it is estimated that around 1 trillion tons of CO2 needs to be removed from the atmosphere by the end of this century. While restoring natural systems can contribute to this effort, technological solutions like DAC are crucial for capturing and removing large volumes of CO2. Amazon’s investments in DAC complement its broader sustainability strategy, which includes nature-based solutions like forest conservation and restoration.

1PointFive is constructing the world’s largest DAC plant in Texas, which is expected to capture up to 500,000 tons of CO2 annually. Amazon’s purchase agreement with 1PointFive is one of the largest ever for a DAC facility. CarbonCapture, another DAC startup, aims to accelerate innovation and scale in the industry. Their modular open system architecture allows for easy upgrades with new sorbents, driving down the cost of DAC over time. Amazon’s Climate Pledge Fund is also investing in CarbonCapture and will make carbon removal credits available to businesses within the company and its partners.

These investments demonstrate Amazon’s commitment to DAC as a vital carbon removal solution and its dedication to achieving its sustainability goals. By supporting the growth and deployment of DAC technology, Amazon is taking steps towards decarbonizing its operations.

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