“Wrexham Grants Women’s Sports Access to AU and Boardwalk”

Sports documentaries are becoming increasingly popular, but some athlete stories have been overlooked. Fans want a closer connection to players and teams, and leagues are seeking new ways to market their sports without forcing it on fans. This desire for authenticity, amplified by the digital distance brought on by the pandemic, has led to the creation of series like Netflix’s professional tennis and golf series, which feature men and women from their respective sports.

However, the narrative of female athletes has been largely ignored in these sports documentaries. This is set to change, with Athletes United’s women’s professional softball, volleyball, lacrosse and basketball leagues teaming up with Boardwalk Pictures, the production company behind “Welcome to Wrexham”, to produce a documentary focusing exclusively on women’s sports. Boardwalk Pictures has also produced “Cheer”, a Netflix series about competitive cheerleading, which shines a much-needed spotlight on female athletes.

Many athletes’ stories have been brought to the forefront through social media. “Welcome to Wrexham” has gained nearly one million new followers on social media since its debut last year, and product sales have increased six-fold within the first year. Netflix’s “Cheer” also showcases how social media can lead to commercial opportunities and fame for athletes.

Boardwalk Pictures has made a name for itself in sports documentaries, including “Last Chance U”, which features junior college football and basketball. However, these documentaries have also exposed some shortcomings, including episodes dedicated to inciting violence and sexual misconduct charges against cheerleaders.

Despite these challenges, Athletes United and Boardwalk Pictures are confident in their partnership and the potential of the upcoming documentary. Caitlin McGinty, Head of Brand Storytelling at Boardwalk Pictures, emphasizes the importance of storytelling as a team sport and the need for open communication and clear expectations.

The documentary produced by Athletes United and Boardwalk Pictures will give viewers a closer look at the world of women’s professional sports and the athletes who dedicate their lives to it.

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