WSB-TV Channel 2: Canton Street Vehicle Ban Brings Business Owners and City Leaders Together Once More Today

The City of Roswell is facing a hotly debated issue regarding the potential closure of Canton Street to motor vehicles. Recently, city leaders and business owners gathered once again to discuss the Canton Street Promenade project. Business owners have expressed concerns about potential negative impacts on their businesses, and have accused the Mayor of a lack of transparency. However, city councilors and the Mayor believe that closing the streets to traffic for several weeks over Memorial Day weekend could improve pedestrian access and potentially attract more customers.

At the last meeting, citizens expressed their thoughts on the proposal, with some stating that changes to the area should not be made until a parking lot was built. The proposal continues to be a source of heated debate between authorities and management, with opinions divided on the issue.

Mayor Wilson has expressed that the project aims to improve the quality of life for residents, revitalize the neighborhood, and make it safer. His hope is that the project will be profitable for businesses on Canton Street. The recent work session focused heavily on the Canton Street Promenade project, with many business owners and stakeholders in attendance. Despite the ongoing controversy, city leaders remain committed to finding a solution that benefits all parties involved.

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