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Xbox’s Future Platform Announcements: Exclusives on PS5 and Switch?


Feb 13, 2024

Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft’s gaming division, is set to unveil the future vision for Xbox in a podcast airing at 9pm Italian time on all platforms. Rumors have been circulating that Microsoft may launch some of its Xbox console exclusives on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch, marking a significant turning point in the industry. Last week, Spencer acknowledged the rumors and promised to clarify Xbox’s future strategy. The announcement has sparked anticipation and some discontent among Xbox loyalists, who fear a potential “betrayal” after years of loyalty to Microsoft’s console.

In recent years, Microsoft has shown growing interest in expanding its presence in the gaming world, purchasing renowned game developers and targeting the growth of its Game Pass subscription. The potential move to open up Xbox exclusives to PlayStation could be a strategic adjustment to attract new subscribers to Game Pass. The gaming industry has already seen similar movements as platforms are increasingly blurring.

Thursday’s announcement not only reflects the future of Xbox and potential new alliances but also signifies Microsoft’s evolution as a gaming industry giant, with recent acquisitions and challenges shaping its position.

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