• Mon. May 27th, 2024

Young entrepreneur opens shop in Cooper City to maintain local aesthetics


May 15, 2024

Nine-year-old Dean from Cooper City is not your average kid. He is already a business owner at a young age. Dean is the proud owner of “Clean Dean the Pressure Machine” and he started his own business after being cited and getting his own pressure washer. What started as a joke from neighbors turned into a successful business for Dean.

Dean found pressure cleaning to be difficult at first, but he quickly gained experience and found it easier with time. As his business gained exposure, Dean’s father recognized the value of this experience for his son. Not only is Dean earning money, but he is also learning important real-life skills at a young age.

One of the key lessons Dean is learning is the value of hard work. He wakes up early even on Sundays to work on his business. Instead of charging an hourly rate, Dean allows his customers to pay what they believe is fair for the hard work he puts in. He also likes to have fun while working, leaving messages for himself as he cleans up dirt.

Dean’s entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic are truly remarkable for someone his age. His father is proud of the lessons Dean is learning through his business venture. Dean’s unique approach to business and dedication to hard work are qualities that will serve him well in the future.


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