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Zagreb sees new protest in solidarity with Palestine: Government deemed complicit in genocide.


Nov 21, 2023

The Initiative for a Free Palestine has strongly condemned Croatia’s decision to vote against the UN resolution on the cease-fire and the ongoing genocide carried out by the Israeli regime in Gaza. As a result, they are organizing a gathering in Zagreb’s Kvaternikov Square on November 25 to protest Croatia’s complicity in the genocide. The initiative emphasized in a statement that they do not support the government’s position and want to stand with the people of Palestine in their demands for peace and freedom.

The initiative called on the Government of the Republic of Croatia and other EU member states to support efforts to stop the bloodshed and work towards establishing peace. They also demanded reparation for the unimaginable damage caused by the Israeli government’s actions, which they argue violate international humanitarian law and human rights.

In addition to condemning the crimes committed by the Israeli regime, the initiative also called for support in prosecuting the perpetrators of war crimes in Palestine and Israel by the International Criminal Court. They also asked the government to provide humanitarian, material, and administrative assistance to Croatian citizens and their family members who have been evacuated from Gaza.

A new gathering, titled “Not in our name – peace and freedom for Palestine,” will take place on November 25 at Kvaternikov Square in Zagreb as a further demonstration of support for the people of Palestine.

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