“Bears’ Offensive Potential Earns Praise from Roshon Johnson”

Roshon Johnson has expressed his enthusiasm for the Chicago Bears’ new offensive potential. He spoke about the team’s offense during an interview on Pat the Designer’s ESPN podcast. Johnson believes that the Bears’ offense will be something that the league has never seen before in Chicago. However, he also acknowledged that there is untapped potential that needs to come together for the offense to reach its full potential.

Ryan Pauls and the front office have made significant changes to the Bears’ roster on both sides of the ball. They have added several offensive tools, such as DJ Moore, Chase Claypool, Robert Tonyan, Tyler Scott, and Johnson. The offensive line has also been revamped with Darnell Wright and Nate Davis. Johnson will join the running-backs committee, competing for a touch with Khalil Herbert, Travis Homer, and Donta Foreman. The Bears achieved a lot during the last season, including leading the league in rushing yards and breaking the 3,000-yard mark as a team.

Johnson believes that the Bears’ run game looks good, and he sees the potential for growth in Justin Fields, Chase Claypool, and DJ Moore. However, Luke Getzie and the Bears are likely to pass more frequently than they did during the previous season. Johnson’s role in the offense remains to be seen.

If you want to stay updated on the Bears’ progress this season, you can follow the Undercenter podcast.

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