Blue Jays Broadcasters Suggested Cheating, and Aaron Judge Responds with Choice Words

On Tuesday, the New York Yankees’ Aaron Judge addressed allegations of cheating made by Toronto Blue Jays broadcasters during Monday’s game. While the Yankees won 7-4 and Judge hit two home runs, Dan Shulman and Buck Martinez speculated on air that communication from the Yankees dugout was aiding the team at bat. However, Judge denied any wrongdoing and downplayed the speculation.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone also weighed in, stating that MLB found no serious rule violations during the game. Furthermore, it is not against the rules for coaches or teammates to relay information to players, but it is their responsibility to protect that information and ensure they are not unfairly gaining an advantage through devices or technology.

The speculation began during the eighth inning of Monday’s game, when Shulman and Martinez noticed Judge staring into the Yankees’ dugout multiple times before pitching. They suggested that someone in the dugout may have been teaching Judge how to throw. This speculation continued even after Judge hit his second home run of the night, with the broadcasters continuing to analyze his gaze as they watched a replay of the home run.

After the game, Judge seemed to learn about the accusations from the reporters for the first time and denied any wrongdoing. Blue Jays’ John Schneider expressed suspicion that the Yankees may be using inside information, and the team intends to look into the matter further.

The early-season rivalry between the Yankees and Blue Jays highlights the expected competitiveness of the AL East division.

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