Business & Pleasure Bar’s Studio North Incorporates a Plywood Barrel Safe

The Business & Pleasure cocktail bar in Calgary, Alberta was designed by Studio North with a modern take on a speakeasy. Tucked away in the Inglewood neighborhood, the bar boasts a cozy atmosphere with a barrel-vaulted plywood ceiling that adds a unique touch to the space. The designers, Damon Hayes Couture and Hayden Paturo, aimed to recreate the classic and intimate vibe of a Prohibition-era saloon using modern methods such as digital manufacturing and material experimentation.

The narrow bar, spanning 350 square feet (32.5 square meters), features dark interiors with black furnishings and surfaces. The barrel vaults of varying widths extend along the length of the space, creating a unique geometric pattern that adds a translucent quality to the wood. Globe-shaped paper lanterns hang from wooden vaults suspended by steel ribs, filling the space with warm atmospheric light.

The team used parametric modeling and computer numerical control (CNC) cutting to produce the desired effect. The pattern of the ceiling kerfing was modified using a parametric image map that adds and removes bridge tabs to create more grid interruptions around the seating area. A custom black barn door separates the bar from the front café, inviting guests to peek into the space.

The bar’s walls and shelves showcase artwork and vintage items, combining contemporary décor with the huddle of the golden age. Studio North is a design-build studio that focuses on residential projects, such as a Calgary backstreet house outfitted with dog corners and fireman’s poles. The cinematography was done by Hayden Paturo and Damon Hayes Couture. In short, the Business & Pleasure cocktail bar in Calgary, Alberta is a unique space that blends modern and classic elements to create an intimate atmosphere.

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