Honoring John Skewes, ’51 TU’56, for His Contributions to the College and Community as a Former Business Director

On March 27, John Greenslade Skewes passed away at the age of 93. Skewes had served under four Dartmouth presidents and had been involved in numerous organizations in Hanover. According to his son David Skews, Skewes had a peaceful attitude that had a positive impact on those around him. Skewes had two sons, two daughters, five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.

Skewes was heavily involved in town life, having founded the Hanover Youth Hockey Association, served as president of the Hanover Improvement Association, and been a member of various school boards and committees. He was also involved in the Hanover Inn Supervisory Board, the Hanover Water Company, and the Rotary Club of Hanover. Skewes was named Hanover’s Citizen of the Year in 1993.

Born in Claremont, New Hampshire in 1929, Skewes moved to Concord, Massachusetts during his senior year of high school. He had grown up attending Dartmouth football games and track and field events, and his love for the college led him to apply. Dartmouth was the only school he applied to and he was half-recruited to play football by backfield coach Milton People. Skewes majored in history and was the founder of Dartmouth’s first rugby team.

After graduating, Skewes enlisted in the army and served as an officer in the Korean War. It was while on leave from his cadet school that he met his wife, Constance. Hockey was an important part of Skewes’ life, and he even coached his own son’s hockey team.

Skewes was known for his valuable connections within the Hanover community and was described as a dynamic and confident person. He never forgot the friends he made during his time at Dartmouth, and every time he left Hanover, he found his way back home. Skewes loved being a part of the college community, and this was what kept him in Hanover.

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