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A Business Built on Love
I love to write about businesses with good stories, and this week I have a great story for you. Alex and Katherine Kiseni have opened a new event space called ‘The Loving’ at 1044 Starlight Road. A business based here in McMinnville, but its story begins in Uganda.

Catherine explained to me how it happened. “My husband is Ugandan. We met when we were teaching in Uganda for three years. We got married in Iceland and then moved back to Warren County to settle and start a family. “I grew up and went to school here.” “Warren County High School. My parents are David and Teresa Hill. My mom runs a family care clinic.”

Alex and Catherine began exploring business options. “We’ve been here for a few years now and have been doing some house flipping projects. Two years ago we noticed the church was for sale and went out to see it. And we loved it. We really liked the church.” said Catherine.

Although it now functions as an event space, the Kissenys feel it is very important to honor the building’s history and Warren County heritage. “The building has a plaque showing the date it was built, but we didn’t put the siding on to make it visible. The Black History Museum is great for giving us information about it.” Because you did the work, we got to know: “What the church used to be like, and what its history was like. We are The Loving.” We want to build a wall to honor the history of the church and past members of the church in 2018. We’re asking people for pictures.

Wayne Walford, curator at the Museum of Black History, said: She said she remembers getting firewood for the church stove when she was little,” she said. “Opening in 2021, we initially thought it would be a cute Airbnb space, but decided it was the better venue. ” said Catherine. Although smaller than other Warren County venues, some events are better suited to a more intimate setting, and The Loving provides the perfect setting for such gatherings. “It’s a great space for birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, and graduation parties. Almost anything can be accommodated,” Katherine said.

Mr. and Mrs. Kseni put a lot of love and thought into every detail of the space, which is reflected in the name of the venue. “I named it ‘The Loving’ after Richard and Mildred Loving, who won a lawsuit ruling that interracial marriage was legal in the United States. My husband and I are interracial. It’s a couple, but we feel it’s important to us and it’s also a respect for the people.” “Black history is a big part of this building. and is an advisory member of the Museum of Black History,” Katherine said. To preserve a piece of Warren County history.

“We are excited to be a part of preserving the church, breathing new life into it and helping to tell its story. We have been working on this church for over a year and it just opened. We are currently taking reservations only for those who would like to see it before renting. It is run by her husband, Alex, and can be reached at (931) 743-0384.

As well as the future of the Three Star Mall, there are several present as well. Here’s one exciting new addition: Warren County native Dayron Chandler recently opened The Craft Hut on the site of what used to be Sam’s Deli & Sweet Box Bakery, a love of a lifetime.

“I started doing handicrafts at home about three years ago and it just kept growing. So I took advantage of the opportunity,” said Deiron. “Ms. Dalon considered many options for the location of the store, but knew that home was where her heart belonged.” I was looking for Murfreesboro, Tullahoma and Manchester. , I was convinced that McMinnville was the place I wanted to go. After looking for weeks, someone told me to check out Three Star Mall. I did and found out it was the place. “I want the mall to be successful and I want other businesses to come here,” Deiron explained.

Her first mall location was a short stay, which led to her current location. “I was originally next to her hair.” I worked at the salon for about two weeks, but the space soon became too small, so she asked me to move to where she is now,” Deiron said. said. Her Ms. Daylon displays her own work in her store, while she also offers merchandise from many other vendors.

Craft hat vendors include Sister Forever Crafts, Puff Bowtique, Tumblers N Treasures, JP’s Designs, Bless Your Heart Design & Co., 3810 Bath & More, and Little Posie Boutique. The Craft Hut is open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm. For custom orders with Daylon, please contact or (931) 224-1410.

Daylon welcomes everyone to come meet the Three Stars. At the mall, Business says he has a special offer for Pulse readers. “Tell him on Business Pulse that he saw the craft hat and he’ll give you 20 percent off the total price. Until next time, same hours, same sales page. Thanks again,” said Deiron.

In conclusion, congratulations to the class of 2023. If you have a business you would like to see featured on this page, or know of a business you would like to see featured on this page, please let us know at (931) 473-2191 or

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