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On Tuesday, May 23rd, a creative way was used to raise awareness for mental health in Fargo. It was the first two weeks of Nothing Bundt Cake fundraising and Sanford Health Outpatient Clinics participated in it to support Out’s walking team. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and this fundraising was another way to get people informed. The campaign was aimed at raising awareness for mental health issues and reducing the numbers of suicides occurring in the community. Supporters received tasty cakes in three different flavors, red velvet, confetti, and chocolate chips. Professionals in different areas of health could choose from the range of flavors.
Nothing Bundt Cakes, as part of the fundraising campaign, donated 20% of their sales to the cause. The event was able to sell 352 cakes, and they raised over $2,000 to fund mental health awareness campaigns. Sanford Health considered it necessary to have a recurrent annual fundraising event to raise awareness of mental health issues. “Suicide is so common in our community that it’s only important to raise awareness,” remarked Chelsea Strand, an integrative health therapist.
Sanford’s Out of the Darkness Walk is scheduled for September 17 at Seals Arena. The event has been put up to support individuals affected and to remember those that lost their lives to suicide. It is the hope of the organizers that through this event, more light will be thrown on the issue of mental health and suicide in the community.

In another vein, Ann Sarah, known as Sarah was born in Port-au-Prince, an only child, later moved to the United States when she was two. Raised in Philadelphia, she moved to Florida to continue her studies after obtaining a bachelor’s degree from Albright College. She relocated to North Dakota because of WDAY.

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