Obtaining Favorable Healthcare, Broadband, and Energy Results

Yesterday’s energy and commerce hearings were a reflection of our duty as elected representatives to listen to the people we serve. The discussion was focused on improving essential services such as healthcare, broadband, and energy. As part of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, we have successfully passed 19 bills that will make a positive impact on the lives of Americans.

One of the most significant achievements is the passage of six bipartisan bills called the Patients Act. These bills aim to increase price transparency for patients and reduce healthcare costs. By doing so, we will be able to address the healthcare affordability crisis that has been affecting Americans for years.

Another focus area has been to bridge the digital divide. The Commission has proposed seven bills that will provide resources to rural and underserved communities to improve access to broadband and remove deployment barriers. Streamlining permitting processes and freeing up private investment will also help achieve this goal.

In addition to healthcare and broadband, we have also addressed energy security. Six laws have been passed to secure our energy grid and make life more affordable. The Russian Uranium Import Ban Act, for example, will protect U.S. energy supplies by banning Russian uranium imports and eliminating reliance on nuclear fuel. We have also enacted the Gas Stove Preservation Act to protect consumers’ rights by banning the U.S. Department of Energy’s ban on gas stoves.

Overall, I am proud of the Commission’s work and look forward to these bills being voted on in the House in the near future. By delivering results on healthcare, broadband, and energy, we are taking important steps towards a better future for all Americans.

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