On Last Day of High-Level Diplomacy, Ukraine’s Zelensky Takes Center Stage as G7 Aims to Penalize Russia

World leaders met at a seven-major summit in Hiroshima to address a range of global issues, with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at the center of the diplomatic discussions. The summit focused on Ukraine’s 15-month battle with Russia, with G7 countries announcing new sanctions and measures to hinder Russia’s combat capabilities. While Ukraine was the overwhelming focus of the summit, discussions also addressed climate change, AI, poverty, economic instability, and nuclear proliferation. Two US allies, South Korea and Japan, aimed to improve ties, and the leaders of both countries visited a memorial to the South Korean victims of the August 6, 1945 atomic bombing.

As Ukraine prepares for a major push to regain its occupied territories and strengthen international assistance, Zelensky’s visit marks an opportunity for world leaders to coordinate diplomatic efforts. India, which has avoided outright condemnation of Russian aggression, also met with Zelensky to discuss the Ukraine peace plan.

The summit also addressed China’s growing nuclear weapons program and the threat of Beijing’s attempt to seize Taiwan by force, which is sparking growing concern. The G7 called for a “constructive and stable relationship” with China, and urged the country to end the war in Ukraine and pressure Russia to “support a comprehensive, just and lasting peace.”

The summit also discussed global economic issues, with discussions aimed at raising up to $600 billion for the G7’s global infrastructure development initiative to provide alternative investment to China’s capital.

Overall, the summit was an opportunity for world leaders to coordinate diplomatic efforts and address a range of global issues.

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