Paid Leave for Pregnancy Loss to be Provided by Humber NHS Foundation Trust

The Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust in East Yorkshire has announced that it will offer two weeks of paid leave to women suffering from pregnancy loss up to the 24th week. The trust provides mental health support and treatment throughout Hull and East Yorkshire and aims to be a “supportive and healthy organization.” Claire Marshall, a perinatal mental health nurse at the trust, said that supporting women and their families was “crucial to ensuring a supportive and healthy organization.”

The measures also include five days off for partners of those who have lost pregnancies. Women are not legally entitled to maternity or bereavement leave, despite the fact that one in four pregnancies ends in a miscarriage. Michele Moran, chief executive of the Trust, said that 79 percent of its staff are women and that it is “extremely proud” to support them and their partners. She added that the new package demonstrates the Trust’s commitment to its teams and their health at work.

Providing paid time off for staff affected by fertility treatment, premature birth, miscarriage, bereavement, and other such events is a compassionate step by the organization that allows families the space and time to adjust to this critical time in their lives. By providing additional pay and time off for employees, the Trust is creating an environment that values the wellbeing of its staff and acknowledges the emotional toll that pregnancy loss can take. Overall, the Trust’s new measures are a positive step towards creating a supportive and compassionate workplace.

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