Port Arthur News: La Vaquita Port Arthur Named Hispanic Business Association Business of the Month in Photos

La Vaquita Port Arthur was recently announced as the winner of the “Business of the Month” award by the SETX Hispanic Business Association. This recognition was well-deserved due to their unwavering commitment to the local Hispanic community and small businesses.

During the Mother’s Day celebration, the representatives of the SETX Hispanic Business Association – Raquel Ochoa, Erika Banda Meza, and Daniel Cruz presented the award to La Baquita. The event was attended by a large crowd and featured music, food, and vendors from various small businesses in SETX.

One of the reasons for La Baquita’s recognition as “Business of the Month” was their significant involvement in the community. They have supported the flea market project led by Iris Mitre, which has inspired many small businesses in the area.

The SETX Hispanic Business Association emphasized the importance of recognizing businesses like La Baquita that prioritize community involvement and support for local entrepreneurs. As the first company to receive this award, La Baquita Port Arthur has set an excellent example for other businesses to follow.

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