Salt Lake City’s World Cup Boulder Title Won by Natalie Grossman

Natalia Grossman is an American sport climber who recently won the women’s boulder title in Salt Lake City. This was her fifth IFSC World Cup title and her ninth WC gold medal. The local crowd was enthusiastic and supportive of her victory. She had started the season eighth in Hachioji and 11th in Seoul, but was able to pull through for the win. This was her first win since the Innsbruck World Cup in June 2022.

During the World Cup in Salt Lake City, Grossman qualified first and topped all four boulders in the women’s final, including three flushes (topping in her first try). Her teammate Brooke Rabtou of the United States won bronze. Grossman had an illness that prevented her from playing in the World Cup series opener last month. This caused her to struggle in Asia but she felt better physically and mentally for the Salt Lake win. She commented, “I think it was the best crowd in the world.”

The women’s speed event on Saturday night featured world record holder Alexandra Miroslaw of Poland. She has not lost a World Cup speed event since she first competed in them in 2019.

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