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Using Technology to Create a Brighter Future: Discoveries from Nabeel Mahmood


Mar 26, 2024

In their latest episode of Straight Outta Crumpton, hosts Greg Crumpton and Gabrielle Bar explore the topic of harnessing technology for a brighter future. They are joined by Nabeel Mahmood, the Managing Director at Nomad Futurist, who is a visionary in the fields of technology and education. Through their discussion, Mahmood emphasizes the importance of a paradigm shift in how society approaches learning and technology integration in order to create a more inclusive and educated society.

Mahmood highlights the challenge society faces with the rapid advancements in AI technology. He points out that while AI is advancing and becoming smarter, human intelligence is at risk of becoming stagnant or even regressing. This poses a critical need for education reform to ensure that individuals have the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed decisions in a world increasingly driven by technology.

The conversation delves into the necessity of adapting educational systems and societal attitudes toward technology in order to fully harness its potential for the greater good. Mahmood stresses that educating people is crucial to empowering them to leverage technology in ways that benefit society as a whole. Through this dialogue, the hosts and guest illustrate the importance of embracing change and innovation to create a brighter future for all.

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