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Visual Comparisons of Economy vs. Premium Plus Experience on United Airlines


Jun 10, 2023

The author of this article, Joy Marie Mackenzie, compares her experiences flying Economy and Premium Plus on United Airlines during a seven-hour flight from Newark to London and back. Mackenzie notes that despite paying nearly $400 more for the upgrade to Premium Plus, she found the two flights to be surprisingly similar.

The Premium Plus seats are situated behind First Class and offer a little extra legroom and slightly wider seats than Economy. The author was also provided with a cushioned seat, pillows, blankets, and a toiletries bag. However, she did not notice a significant difference in the level of service while going through TSA, and there was only a slight improvement in wait times and access to special routes with United Airlines Premium Plus.

Pricing-wise, a round-trip Economy ticket to London in April cost around $900, while upgrading a one-way trip to Premium Plus costs roughly $400. Upgrading both legs of the trip will cost approximately $1,000. While the food in Premium Plus was served on small tablecloths and with silverware and complimentary wine in glass cups, the meals in Economy were served in plastic containers and with plastic utensils.

One area where the author noticed a significant difference between the two classes was in the amenities provided. Premium Plus offered a cute toiletry bag complete with essentials, while Economy only provided free earbuds. In general, the author found that the upgrade to Premium Plus was not worth the steep charge, except for the toiletry bag.

Overall, Mackenzie notes that she would consider upgrading to Business Class or First Class the next time she flies United Airlines internationally, otherwise, she would stick to Economy.

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