£10 Million Allocated by Economy Minister Sir Simr IV to Foster Scientific Research in Wales

The Economy Minister has announced a £10m investment in the Sêr Cymru program, which aims to create a strong scientific research hub in Wales. This investment is part of Phase IV of the program, which will focus on developing disruptive innovations to address socioeconomic challenges in Wales and the wider world. The program is a key component of the Welsh Government’s efforts to retain and attract talent and develop its highly skilled workforce.

The Sêr Cymru Program was established to ensure that science plays a greater role in supporting Welsh economic and national development. Over the past 11 years, the program has adapted to changing dynamics in research, development, and innovation. It has also responded to economic and health issues such as Brexit and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program has generated over £252 million in research income in return for its £110 million investment by the Welsh government.

Phases I and II of the Sêr Cymru program have supported distinguished research chairs, rising stars, research fellows, PhD students, postdoctoral fellows, and research projects. Phase III provided funding for universities in Wales to contribute to or boost progress in COVID-19 research. Recently, more funding was provided to five Welsh universities for interdisciplinary research in healthcare, compound semiconductors, hydrogen generation, low carbon, and nuclear power.

Phase IV of the Sêr Cymru program supports the Welsh Government’s mission within the New Welsh Innovation Strategy to become a leading innovation-based nation. The program will focus on low carbon, life sciences, advanced engineering, advanced computing, and close consultation with stakeholders. The goal is to maximize the benefits to Wales from this next funding round.

Announcing the launch of Ser Siml IV, Economy Minister Vaughn Gesing said that science is vital to Wales’ economic success and that he is delighted with the progress of the Sêr Cymru program. Wales Chief Scientific Advisor Professor Jas Pal Badyal FRS added that this investment demonstrates that Wales is a progressive and confident country open to business and international cooperation.

The Sêr Cymru program aims to promote and support world-leading and impactful scientific research across Wales, which is crucial to developing the disruptive innovations needed to address socioeconomic challenges. A focus on scientific excellence helps foster greater competitiveness within the research sector. The program will continue operating until the end of June.

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