Don’t Forget to Integrate Marketing When Acquiring – Inside INdiana Business

Companies pursue acquisitions for various reasons, often related to growth goals. However, in the process of incorporating new businesses into their own, companies often overlook integrating their marketing efforts. This can result in a company becoming a competitor. For instance, when a company acquires another widget distributor focused on a specific geographic area and chooses to continue operating under its own name, it may create competition in a region where both companies operate. An acquisition or merger can create many complex situations that affect the marketing and reputation of both companies.

Companies typically focus on operational issues and staffing when planning their combinations, neglecting to consider how a firm’s marketing strategies and tactics may need to be integrated or adjusted in light of the acquisition. Companies must consider marketing-related aspects when planning a merger or acquisition, including how and when to communicate with stakeholders, how to migrate the website, vehicle wraps, or wearables, and how to treat customers with facilities in the Midwest.

Mergers and acquisitions create uncertainty for employees on both sides of the transaction, wondering if their jobs will survive. Employees of the acquired company may know very little about the acquiring company and may fear new talent, as they may be better qualified and make the existing employees redundant. Clear communication can help alleviate anxieties and ensure a smooth transition.

To ensure that post-deal marketing efforts continue and improve, it’s best to involve a trusted marketing partner in planning. They may call your attention to problems you hadn’t thought of and offer surprisingly simple solutions. The more thoughtfully and thoroughly planned the marketing-related aspects of a deal are, the more likely it is to meet the company’s goals and strengthen the company’s reputation, brand identity and key message.

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