Keeping Attention on Women’s Sports Through Storytelling

Sports storytelling is a powerful tool that can captivate fans and leave a lasting impression. However, when it comes to women’s sports, there is a frustrating gap in investment compared to men’s sports. This highlights the importance of Athletes Unlimited’s partnership with Boardwalk Pictures, which will provide unprecedented access to women’s softball, volleyball, basketball, and lacrosse leagues. This partnership could help to introduce viewers to lesser-known leagues, teams, and athletes, generating more interest and leading to more dedicated fans.

The AU documentary series aims to reach a wider audience while showcasing the innovative models used in their leagues. The series is set to begin airing this fall with the volleyball season, highlighting the athletes’ personalities and personal stories. This is in line with AU’s athlete-centric mission, which seeks to offer a 360-degree view of the players, highlighting their thinking, leadership, and responsibilities. These will be lesser-seen aspects of women’s sports that will provide a wealth of content and storytelling opportunities.

A significant advantage of women’s sports storytelling is that athletes are not afraid to be vulnerable, authentic, and introspective, often sharing their life stories. This is evident in USWNT player Christie Meewys’ recent episode of the Snacks podcast, where she delved into her career progress. Such moments provide a glimpse into the untold stories waiting to be told, ultimately furthering the growth and visibility of women’s sports.

Another exciting development in women’s sports storytelling is the growing interest in women’s sports and platforms dedicated to women’s sports coverage. This means more opportunities for more stories to be told, such as Togethxr’s ‘Fenom’ Season 2 and Unfinished Business, a documentary about the early days of the WNBA. These documentaries showcase the talents of young female athletes poised to become stars while highlighting the progress made in women’s sports over the years.

In conclusion, sports storytelling is a vital component to furthering women’s sports growth and visibility. By showcasing the athletes’ personalities and personal stories, we can generate more interest, and ultimately create more dedicated fans. With more platforms dedicated to women’s sports coverage, now is the time to tell these untold stories and capture the history being made.

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