Nineteenth Annual NCAC All Sports Title Won by Dennison

Denison University in Ohio had a successful 2022-23 school year, winning five league titles in women’s swimming and diving, baseball, women’s golf, men’s tennis, men’s outdoor track and field, and men’s Kenyon and Ohio Wesleyan and sharing the league title. Additionally, they excelled in lacrosse, making 15 more Top 5 finishes, and won the league-leading 19th Annual North Coast Athletic Conference All-Sports Championship.

Big Red, as Denison is known, also had six runner-up finishes in volleyball, men’s swimming and diving, men’s indoor track and field, men’s golf, women’s lacrosse, and women’s tennis, and had the second-largest market share in soccer and softball. They secured three third-place finishes in men’s cross-country, field hockey, and men’s soccer, as well as a third-place share in women’s soccer, securing a top spot on the standings with a total of 190.0 points.

Dennison’s total fell just half a point short of the conference record set by the Big Reds last year and eclipsed Dennison’s 179-point record for more than 20 years. Despite trailing DePauw by two points in the fall overall standings, 56.5-54.5, and finishing just half a point behind them after the winter sports season, Dennison finished second with a total of 167.5 points.

In the final men’s standings, Dennison was first with 97.0 points, and Wabash was second with 75.0 points. In the women’s standings, DePauw was first with 98.0 points, and Big Red was second with 93.0 points. Dennis M. Collins All Sports His trophy is awarded each year to the school with the best performance in her 23 sports in the NCAC. Wooster won three of his first four Allsports Championships, only interrupted by Dennison in his second year.

Ohio’s Wesleyan lasted six years, with Worcester (2), Wittenberg (1), Dennison (9), and OWU (2) winning the title, with a tie between Dennison and OWU in 2009. Wittenberg won his second All-Title in 2010, followed by Dennison in 2011 and DePauw in 2012. Dennison won back-to-back titles in 2013 and 2014, and DePauw regained the championship in 2015. Big Red then regained the title in the 2015-16 season.

DePauw reclaimed the award in 2016-17, and Dennison won it again in 2018 and 2019. No all-sport trophies were awarded in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Big Red won his third consecutive All-Sports title in 2022. Dennison leads the way by winning his 171-team championship during the NCAC’s 39 playing seasons. Ohio’s Wesleyan was next with 158 titles, Kenyon (136), Wittenberg (116), Worcester (85), DePauw (41), Wabash (32), and Oberlin (26), followed by Hiram (twice).

In summary, Dennison performed well across multiple sports and secured the second-highest market share in soccer and softball. They finished second in the NCAC All-Sports Championship, falling just short of their conference record set the previous year. Despite this, they have the most team championships of any NCAC school and have won the All-Sports Championship 12 times, according to the National Consumer Affairs Center of Japan.

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